2021 Sit Means Sit Franchise Graduation Test

By | September 18, 2021

2021 Sit Means Sit Dog Training Franchise Business School Graduation Test.

This video contains everything from new owners and trainers with no previous dog training experience, and some trainers that have some experience with our company, and everything in between.

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[Applause] Okay [Applause] On the count of three you're going to Release them And then you're going to sit them again You ready One Two three release them Three Cut Back them up One Back them up One Three [Music] Cut Ah Normal Slow Normal [Applause] All right on the count of three you're Gonna have your all all your dogs jump Just straight up and then right back to A heel position One two three jump Back to a heel One time is fine Go Let's go one at a time One after the other go over the cans Over the cans let's go let's go let's go

Off there left turn left turn back back Back very good one after the other rates Through right through Nice go go nice close proximity very Good turn Go over the cans nice over the cans good Good good but you're gonna do everything Together you ready You're gonna do it together one two Three heal your dog Stop Turn Good leave your dogs That's good turning fresh your dog hold On i gotta mess with you guys a little Bit you know how that goes Hey doggy doggy what's happening there Doggie doggy What's happening Hey doggy doggy Hey doggy doggy very nice all right on Count of three we call you dogs well Hold on a second move a little closer Together that's good right there Oh look at this oh All right we'll take that All right we'll take that you can get as Imaginative as you want I like that ready one two three call Your dog Perfect nice job you got your dog in a Set All right everybody move away from your Dog

Now when i count to three what i want You guys to do is walk up to the place Board kick it a few times Keep him in a sit and then back back up To the wall where you were Ready Go ahead go up to the board kick the Board a few times And then back away Nice one more time up to the board [Music] Good back away Good release your dog All right we're gonna do now you guys Stay away from your dogs and when i Count to three you're just gonna go up And Get on the place board Not on the side of it get on the place Board and get there so your dog is in a Heel position with you one two three go I don't care if the dog moves just have Him in a heal position All right Then the next thing we're going to do Is we are going to Take Four Quarter turn rights i'll tell you When to go One two three one quarter turn right go Nice One two three quarter turn right go Nice

Good job One two three quarter turn right go All right looks nice and one more I think that'll be for one two three Quarter turn right All right good All right now we're gonna do four laps Don't mind chris It's just it's just crispy and chris Over there Nothing you won't nothing you won't uh Run into on the streets of the city Everybody has a chris in their city i Think All right we're gonna do four quarter Turn lefts you ready One two three quarter turn left Very nice One two three quarter turn left Nice One two three quarter turn left Nice one more One two three quarter turn left Nice all right on the count of three You're gonna release your dogs One One and a half Two two and a half Three All right very good